Tuesday , October 20 2020

Trump to limit contractors’ use of foreign workers in US


President Donald Trump was expected to sign an executive order that would bar federal agencies from dismissing US citizens or green card holders and replacing them with foreign workers.
The order will increase scrutiny of federal contractors’ use of H-1B visas to bring in temporary foreign labor for high-skilled jobs rather than relying on American workers,
according to an administration official, who asked for anonymity to discuss plans not yet public.
The Covid-19 recession has thrown millions of Americans out of work, with uncertain prospects for a recovery given continued surges in virus case counts in many states. With the president running behind
Democrat Joe Biden in polls ahead of November’s election, Trump’s move would showcase actions to support jobs. The administration also remains in talks with Democrats about extending extra jobless benefits.
Trump’s order will require federal agencies to give preference to US residents and green card holders for contract positions, just as they would for full-time roles, the official said.

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