Wednesday , October 28 2020

Singapore to pay its citizens for keeping healthy with Apple watch


Apple Inc. and the government of Singapore have partnered on a two-year health initiative dubbed LumiHealth, which is built around tracking and rewarding user behaviour through the Apple Watch gadget and an iPhone app.
As part of the scheme, Singapore residents will be able to earn as much as S$380 ($280) in rewards and vouchers by completing goals and tasks set within the app. Goals can be accomplished by walking or doing other exercises like swimming or yoga, and the LumiHealth app will offer personalised coaching and reminders for health screenings and immunisations. Wellness challenges will nudge users toward making better food choices and improving sleep habits.
The LumiHealth program is voluntary and its announcement stresses that it’s “designed with user privacy and security at its core.” All user data will be encrypted and none will be sold or shared for marketing purposes, according to Apple. The service is the product of a solicitation from the Singapore government — which has a reputation for being an early adopter of new technology — for proposals from tech and health-care companies to help improve the lives of its population.
The city-state was among the first to roll out a contact-tracing app to help combat the coronavirus pandemic this year and is expanding that effort by distributing tokens that will allow residents to enter selected venues, an effort that may pave the way for larger gatherings.

Apple announced its latest update to the Apple Watch, featuring health-tracking features prominently in its pitch for what is now a family of products spanning various price points. The company has already done several collaborations with health care institutions such as Stanford Medicine, helping to develop research and potential detection methods for various medical issues.

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