Saturday , October 23 2021

Poland threatens to block EUclimate talks over funds

Bloomberg Poland threatened to stonewall talks on the European Union’s climate pact unless it receives access to the bloc’s recovery package, raising the stakes of a meeting of the bloc’s leaders on Thursday. Coal-dependent Poland seeks to gain some leverage over the EU by linking further talks on cutting greenhouse ...

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State grants emerge as Dems’ clean power program fallback

Bloomberg A White House-backed clean power program that was rejected by Senator Joe Manchin could be resurrected as a grant program that would reward states that increase clean energy. Lawmakers have been working on a Clean Energy Challenge Grant Program for states as an alternative, Representative Jared Huffman, a California ...

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Argentina freezes prices of 1,400 goods ahead of vote

Bloomberg Argentina’s government is freezing prices on 1,432 household items in an effort to cool accelerating inflation ahead of November’s midterm election and the Christmas holidays. Prices will remain fixed until January 7 on the products, a larger list than the roughly 900 items government officials had originally pitched to ...

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