Monday , September 28 2020

New AI solutions to improve safety in aviation industry


The World Aviation Safety Summit, which took place in Dubai, displayed new artificial intelligence (AI), technologies, that will help improve safety in the aviation sector.
In a session on how new technology can reduce incidents, experts from dnata displayed on stage the ‘Oscar bot’, an Alexa-style solution that can help safety specialists report incidents more efficiently and effectively. The Oscar bot enables managers and operators to report in real-time exact details of incidents and receive feedback and planning options through AI-enabled technology.
Susan Morton, IMS Sustainability and Responsibility Manager, dnata, said, “The aviation sector has always been at the forefront of innovation and the development of new technologies. At this year’s World Aviation Safety Summit, we showed the potential impact of AI solutions and how they can be used to enhance safety. We look forward to seeing how this area progresses, as more solutions are developed and upgraded.”
Ruben Martinez Sevillano, Director at ALG, led a session on how Big Data is being applied to aviation safety and safety intelligence. He showed how AI is already being widely used in the industry to enhance traffic forecasting, optimise flight routes, increase the predictability of operations and identify potential threats and safety hazards.
The session advised the industry to move to a more proactive approach through the use of data for analysis of events and precursors and advice on improvements in regulations and procedures.
Sevillano said, “Safety predictive models will be based on the analysis of information and data from different aviation stakeholders, such as civil aviation authorities, ANSPs, airports, airlines and MROs. We need to break data silos and share data on operations to
be able to improve our safety levels.”
According to a survey by NewVantage, in 2018, 97.2 percent of companies said they were investing in Big Data and AI. A forecast from Research & Market put the global AI market in aviation at $2.2 billion by 2025, posting a 46.65 percent growth (CAGR) compared to 2018.
The World Aviation Safety Summit, in its seventh edition, welcomed attendees and participants from across the globe. These included officials from regulatory authorities, airline operators, airport operators, aircraft manufacturers, pilot associations, safety organisations and air traffic control service providers.

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