Tuesday , July 14 2020

Nasdaq Dubai welcomes DIB’s $300mn sukuk listing


Nasdaq Dubai has announced that it welcomed the listing on Tuesday of a $300 million sukuk issued by Dubai
Islamic Bank (DIB).
The issuance was a tap on a $1 billion Sukuk that listed on Nasdaq Dubai on June 16. Dubai Islamic Bank earmarked the funds raised to support its customers and the business community as economies start to overcome challenging market conditions.
DIB is the leading UAE-based Sukuk issuer by value on the region’s international exchange with a total of $6.3 billion including the latest
$300 million listing.
Dubai is one of the largest centres for Sukuk listings in the world with a total listed value now standing at $71.09 billion. By value 43% of the listings are from UAE issuers and 57% from overseas issuers.

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