Tuesday , January 19 2021

IPS to bring global real estate community together

Dubai / WAM

Dubai Land Department (DLD) announced that the first virtual edition of the International Property Show (IPS) in partnership with Invest in Dubai Real Estate (IIDRE) is set to welcome a diverse international audience and bring the global real estate community together, through the IIDRE programme, from
November 11-20.
As one of the highlights of the 10-day virtual event, the IIDRE programme will welcome delegations from the KSA, Pakistan, China, India, Latin America, and Africa, to participate in interactive activities that are communicated in their native languages to eliminate communication barriers and ensure a truly one-of-a-kind, immersive experience for all visitors.
In collaboration with its virtual venue, Event10x, the programme will offer multilingual activities that include exhibitions, project presentations, and site tours. Participants will be able to engage with events virtually, making Event10x the ultimate virtual event that would showcase real estate opportunities in Dubai and strengthen its position as a world-class destination for real estate, trade, business, and tourism.
“We see this programme as an opportunity to acknowledge our good relations with the KSA, Pakistan, China, India, Latin America, and Africa as well as recognise their contribution to Dubai’s real estate market and in the global economy as a whole. Dubai’s real estate market has a diverse investor database and sheltered different nationalities over the years. Thus, we seek to be inclusive and dedicate time slots and activities for these countries,” said Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director General of Dubai Land Department.
“The IIDRE Programme will certainly create huge benefits to our local real estate exhibitors by promoting their projects to prominent investors from globally competitive countries. They can rest assured that they will be able to expand their network and build valuable partnerships to thousands of visitors who are highly interested to invest in Dubai’s real estate sector, ” said Majida Ali Rashid, CEO, Promotion and Real Estate Investment Management Sector at DLD.
“This event reflects strength of Dubai’s real estate market during Covid-19. Despite pandemic, we continue to stay true to our commitment to provide opportunities to everyone in the real estate sector and propel business transactions even more. It is through our resilience that continues to further strengthen city’s competitiveness with help of latest technological innovations. Dubai’s real estate market continue to show clear signs of stability with agile commercial activities taking place across the emirate, competitive real estate prices, and increasing number of real estate transactions,” she added.

“Regarding visitors from these particular countries, participating in the IIDRE programme will provide them with robust real estate opportunities through a wide range of dynamic activities in a safe and secure virtual environment. I am eagerly awaiting the launch of this event as I am confident that it would strengthen the global real estate industry,” said Dawood Al Shezawi, Head of the Organising Committee of the International Property Show.

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