Wednesday , December 2 2020

Covid grows less deadly as drugs seem to improve


Covid-19 continues to kill close to 1,000 Americans a day. But for those who develop dangerous cases of the infection, advances in medical care and the growing experience of doctors are improving the chances of survival.
Since the first case arrived in the US at the start of the year, medical professionals have gone from fumbling in the dark to better understanding which drugs work — such as steroids and blood thinners, and the antiviral medicine remdesivir.
Allocation of intensive medical resources have improved. And doctors have learned to hold off on the use of ventilators for some patients, unlike with many other severe respiratory illnesses.
Doctors and experts say
that improved medical tactics and earlier treatment are helping improve the outcomes for very sick patients, said
Andrew Badley, head of Mayo Clinic’s Covid Research Task Force.

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