Thursday , October 22 2020


Microsoft faulted over cyber attack, shifts blame to NSA

Bloomberg There’s a blame game brewing over who’s responsible for the massive cyberattack that infected hundreds of thousands of computers. Microsoft Corp. is pointing its finger at the US government, while some experts say the software giant is accountable too. The attack has affected computers in more than 150 countries, ...

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Toshiba set to strike back in ‘chip unit deal’

Bloomberg Toshiba Corp. is moving to block Western Digital Corp. employees from the flash-memory venture they share, after a threat of legal action loomed over the increasingly bitter dispute over who gets to buy the Japanese company’s chip unit. Western Digital invoked an arbitration clause in their business agreement, which ...

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Intel, Samsung gang up on Qualcomm to back FTC monopoly suit

Bloomberg Samsung Electronics Co. and Intel Corp. weighed in with their own gripes about Qualcomm Inc. while cheering on the US Federal Trade Commission’s lawsuit accusing the chipmaker of trying to corner the market for semiconductors used in smartphones. The South Korean company, one of Qualcomm’s largest customers, and Intel, ...

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