Saturday , July 11 2020


Australia suspending Hong Kong extradition agreement

Bloomberg Australia is suspending its extradition agreement with Hong Kong and will give skilled migrants from the city five-year visas with a pathway to permanent residence, after China imposed sweeping national security legislation on the financial hub. “Our decision to suspend the extradition agreement with Hong Kong represents an acknowledgment ...

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Merkel calls for EU solidarity to tackle historic challenges

Bloomberg Chancellor Angela Merkel urged the European Union to pull together to face the historic challenges stemming from the coronavirus and changes threatening the bloc’s economic standing. In Brussels after Germany assumed the six-month rotating EU presidency this month, Merkel called for solidarity to tackle the pandemic as well as ...

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Trump stands on Confederacy, race out of step with voters

Bloomberg President Donald Trump’s latest salvos about Confederate flags and statues and his attacks on racial-justice protesters may provide affirmation to his core supporters, but the rhetoric is increasingly out of step with the way most Americans think in 2020. In the last two days, Trump has condemned Nascar’s decision ...

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