Thursday , October 1 2020

International News

Virus is putting Britain’s next industrial revolution on ice

Bloomberg In the country that pioneered the world’s first industrial revolution in the 18th century, its latest one is looking very much on hold. The global shift towards robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) across advanced economies is currently in a go-slow phase in the UK — where both Covid-19 and ...

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Europe’s virus surge hits French finance chief, threatens London

Bloomberg France’s finance chief contracted Covid-19 amid the virus surge in his country and Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the UK may need tighter restrictions, signalling Europe’s growing risk of the kind of lockdowns that crippled the economy in the second quarter. Mayor Sadiq Khan sounded the alarm for London, ...

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Argentina’s economic team splits over restrictions on dollar buying

Bloomberg Argentina’s latest crackdown on dollar purchases exposed a split between the nation’s top policy makers as they struggle to find a way back from the deepest crash on record. Argentina’s dollar bonds extended their drop, two days after central bank chief Miguel Pesce tightened already-strict currency controls. Pesce wanted ...

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Latin American cities bustle like Covid is gone, but it’s not

Bloomberg Rush hour is back with a vengeance in Mexico City, diners have returned to restaurants in Bogota and joggers have flocked to Buenos Aires’s parks. In Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, crowds have packed beaches and even the sprawling fake lawn beneath Alphabet Inc’s regional headquarters. In Latin ...

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HK injects economy with ‘virus stimulus’

Bloomberg Hong Kong announced HK$24 billion ($3.1 billion) in virus relief stimulus and will lift some social distancing restrictions as the city’s economy suffers from a recession prompted by protests and Covid-19. The government will spend HK$4.5 billion to help affected industries, HK$13 billion on virus prevention measures and HK$6 ...

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