Wednesday , August 12 2020

International News

UK suffers biggest job losses since 2009 amid coronavirus

Bloomberg Britain’s mounting labour market crisis was underscored by a 220,000 slump in employment during the height of the coronavirus lockdown, the worst decline since the global financial crisis. The fall in the second quarter coincided with a period that saw the most strict restrictions to contain the spread of ...

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Trump orders extended jobless benefits, payroll tax deferral

Bloomberg President Donald Trump announced four executive actions on Saturday, including continued expanded unemployment benefits and a temporary payroll tax deferral for some workers, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to hobble the US economy. Trump also ordered continued eviction protection and student-loan relief. The moves could jeopardise negotiations with congressional ...

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Mexico’s tourism website in a daze due to strange translations

Bloomberg The sometimes literal nature of automated translation programs has tripped up plenty of tourists — or in the case of Mexico, its entire tourism board. Operators of the website were left red-faced when the English version of the tourism information portal suddenly sprouted a series of comic or ...

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Pandemic puts millions of Europeans on path to a debt crisis

Bloomberg More economic upheaval is on the horizon in Europe as plans to end the unprecedented support for workers during the coronavirus pandemic threaten to tip millions of households into a debt trap. Organisations that help individuals sort out their financial problems are warning of a sharp increase in the ...

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