Wednesday , January 20 2021

Australia demands China apology for ‘Afghan tweet’


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he was seeking an apology from China after a diplomat in Beijing tweeted an image purporting to show an Australian soldier holding a knife to the throat of an Afghan child.
The tweet, posted by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, was “repugnant,” Morrison told reporters in Canberra on Monday. The Australian premier said the image was doctored and called for Twitter to remove it.
“The Chinese government should be totally ashamed of this post,” Morrison said. The tweet will diminish China’s global reputation, he said.
Morrison’s call for an apology further ramps up tensions between the nations. Diplomatic ties have plummeted this year after Australia called for independent investigators to be allowed into Wuhan to probe the origin of the pandemic, leading to a series of trade reprisals.
Zhao’s boss later dismissed Morrison’s demand for apology, asking at a briefing in Beijing whether the Australian leader “lacks a sense of right and wrong.” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters that it was the Australian side that should apologise to Afghanistan and denied any link between the tweet to the broader dispute between the two sides.
“That is totally unrelated with other issues between China and Australia — it’s a matter of principle,” Hua said. “There are other issues between China and Australia, but the root cause for that is that Australia goes against basic norms of international relations and took wrong measures on issues bearing on China’s core interests.”
Australian Special Forces soldiers serving in Afghanistan were allegedly involved in 39 unlawful killings of prisoners, farmers and other civilians, a government-commissioned report found in November. Following a four-year inquiry, the report found there was credible information that 25 personnel may have been complicit and 36 matters should be referred to police for criminal investigation. General Angus Campbell, the head of the Australian
Defense Force, said he “sincerely and unreservedly” apologised to the Afghan people when he announced the results of the probe.
Zhao, who has more than 175,000 followers on the social network banned in China, has a reputation for stirring diplomatic disputes with Twitter posts. In March, he floated a conspiracy theory that the US Army may have had a role in spreading the coronavirus in China, escalating a blame game in which President Donald Trump started referring to the disease as the “Chinese virus.”
In his latest tweet, Zhao said he was “shocked by murder of Afghan civilians & prisoners”
by Australian soldiers.
The tweet includes an image that purports to show a soldier standing on the Australian flag and holding a bloody knife to the throat of a child clutching a lamb. The child’s face is covered with a blue cloth. The text beneath the photo reads: “Don’t be afraid, we are coming to bring you peace!”

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