Friday , July 19 2019

Yemeni Resistance Forces take control of ‘Kilo 10’ area in Hodeidah


The joint Yemeni Resistance Forces, led by the al-‘Amalaqah Brigades (Arabic for Giants), have taken control of the Kilometre 10 area and have succeeded in cutting all the supply lines of the Houthi militia to the Kilometre 16 area in the province of Hodeidah. The Kilometrre 16 area is a key point on the route between Hodeidah and Sana’a.
Supported by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces, the al-Amalaqah Brigades inflicted heavy losses in lives and material on the Houthis militias in a surprise operation, with dozens being killed or wounded and many others being taken captive.
The joint Yemeni Resistance Forces, backed by the Arab Coalition forces, launched a large-scale military operation from the eastern axis of the Ad Durayhimi District towards the Kilometre 16 area. The operation was planned so as to protect the safety of civilians, including those being used by the Houthis as human shields.
During the operation, the al-Amaliqah Brigades took control of large areas between the Ad Durayhimi District and the Kilometre 16 area, including Wadi al-Qa’um, Wadi Al-Mashagna and the villages of Lower Juraibah, Upper Juraibah, Al-Zafran and Al-Mukamania. The forces also succeeded in separating the southern districts of Hodeidah province from the northern directorates.
such as Zabid, al-Tahita, Ad Durayhimi, Beit al-Faqih and El-Mansuriya, thereby tightening the screws on the Houthi militia inside Hodeidah.

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