Sunday , May 31 2020

Washington readies anti-Orban sanctions


The US drew up a list of associates of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban who could be targeted with sanctions, the Wall Street Journal reported, in what would amount to a fallback option if engagement fails to sway the illiberal leader to meet his NATO commitments.
The sanctions threat emerged just a day after President Donald Trump praised Orban as a “tough” and “respected” leader at a White House meeting that capped a turnaround in American policy.
The US had focussed for almost a decade on isolating the four-term premier over his erosion of democracy and deepening ties with Russia and, more recently, China.
The Wall Street Journal, in a report, cited unidentified people talking about the list of targets who could be sanctioned for corruption. They include tycoon Lorinc Meszaros, who’s considered Orban’s closest business ally, Istvan Tiborcz, Orban’s son-in-law who has wide-ranging real estate holdings, and Antal Rogan, Orban’s chief of staff. “We don’t respond to unfounded, fake news,” Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said. The US embassy in Budapest didn’t comment.
Orban has been a thorn in the side of US efforts to shore up NATO’s eastern flank to counter the growing influence of Russia and China. He’s built a close relationship with
President Vladimir Putin and handed Russia a $12 billion contract to expand Hungary’s sole nuclear power plant.
Orban has also opposed US efforts to draw Ukraine closer to NATO, citing disagreements over the treatment of ethnic Hungarians there. He’s rejected US requests to cut business ties with Huawei Technologies Co, instead joining China’s global infrastructure project, the Belt and Road Initiative.
The US had already blacklisted unidentified Hungarian officials in 2014, barring them from entry because of alleged corruption.

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