Monday , December 9 2019

UK lawmakers call on government to issue review on Huawei


A UK parliamentary committee called on the government to publish a delayed review into the role of Huawei Technologies Ltd by the end of August, saying there could be reasons to ban
the Chinese company from Britain’s phone networks.
The Science and Technology Committee decided there was no technical reason to ban Huawei entirely from the UK’s infrastructure, but the government should formally block it from the most sensitive core of its mobile networks, said committee chairman Norman Lamb in a letter.
However, there may be ethical or geopolitical grounds to institute a wider ban, he added.
“Huawei has been accused of supplying equipment in Western China that could be enabling serious human rights abuses. The evidence we heard during our evidence session did little to assure us that this is not the case,” said Lamb.
The committee’s role is advisory and it cannot force the government to act on its recommendations. The government had previously aimed to issue the review findings by last month.
Huawei is a leading supplier of fifth-generation wireless systems that promise to fix data bottlenecks in busy areas and open up more sophisticated mobile applications such as augmented reality gaming and mapping.

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