Monday , February 24 2020

Spy agency mutiny quelled after intense gunfire, says Sudan


Sudan’s government said it contained a violent mutiny over pay by members of the intelligence services, the latest challenge for the North African country trying to overcome decades of
Gunfire rocked parts of the capital, Khartoum, that are home to buildings used by the powerful security apparatus. Soldiers and allied militiamen quickly deployed and closed off major streets, while flights from the city’s main airport were suspended until 8 pm.
The army said two soldiers were killed and four others were wounded during the operation to eliminate the rebellion, according to al-Arabiya. The uprising was staged by intelligence staff objecting to the restructuring of the service and their financial compensation, information minister Faisal Mohamed Saleh said on state TV. He described mutinies in greater Khartoum’s Riyadh, Suba and Bahri districts, as well as al-Obeid, a regional capital about 370 kilometres (230 miles) to the southwest.
Sudan, whose longtime ruler Omar al-Bashir was ousted in April amid mass protests, is being governed by a transitional administration that brings together civilians and the army.
Prime minister Abdalla Hamdok declared “the incidents which took place are under control.”
“They will not stop us and our mission nor will they be a reason for us to retreat from the goals of this revolution,” the former United Nations economist said on his Twitter account.

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