Wednesday , October 16 2019

Saudi affirms commitment to maritime navigation security


An official spokesman for the Saudi General Directorate of Border Guards said that at 11:47 pm on Friday, an e-mail was received from Jeddah Radio containing a letter from the captain of Iranian vessel (Sabiti), reporting that the front of the vessel has been broken, resulting in an oil spill in the sea from the cargo and tanks of the vessel.
“After analysing the information by the Coordination Center, in order to provide any necessary assistance, it was found that the vessel continued operating, sailing 67 nautical miles southwest of Jeddah Islamic Port, and has closed the automated tracking system, without responding to Coordinating Center’s communications,” he added in a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency.
“The Kingdom affirms its commitment to the security and safety of maritime navigation, as well as international agreements and norms,” he concluded.
“At 15:50, the last position of the vessel was updated to 79 nautical miles, southwest of Jeddah Islamic Port, and 64 nautical miles away from the nearest point of shore, sailing at 9.7 knots to 152 degrees.”

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