Sunday , July 21 2019

Porsche Taycan is 2019’s most-anticipated launch


The year 2018 was very good for the car industry. According to Cox Automotive, US auto sales are expected to total 17.2 million units in this year, which is more than last year and the fourth year in a row to beat 17 million, finishing above the firm’s forecasts.
For starters, there’s the convertible version of the Bentley Continental GT as well as the convertible version of the McLaren 720S.
A lot is riding on this otherwise humble four-door sedan. For starters, this is Porsche’s first move into general-production electrified cars. And it’ll play a crucial role in the Volkswagen lineup as VW executes a plan to become more agile while it faces major shifts in the auto industry. The strategy centres around streamlining operations in order to goose profits by billions of dollars over eight years—all while VW makes expensive-to-manufacture electric cars such as the Taycan, without passing along the additional costs to consumers.
It’s also the brand’s first direct challenge to Tesla, which has dominated the luxury electric market since the Model S debuted.
From a product standpoint, the Taycan promises some exceptional capabilities. Porsche executives say it will have a range of 250 miles, after charging in fewer than 20 minutes. It is expected to have a total system output of more than 600 horsepower and accelerate to 62mph in fewer than 3.5 seconds.

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