Monday , March 27 2017

Refugee crisis strains Germany’s ambition to slash pollution

epa05094086 Protesters at a demonstration against German asylum policy in Freilassing, Germany, 09 January 2016. The right-wing alliance "Wir sind die Grenze" (lit. we are the border) called a demonstration in the border town and opposes the German government's refugee policy.  Chancellor Angela Merkel said on 09 January 2016 that she wants stricter asylum laws, after a series of sexual assaults in the western German city of Cologne shocked the country. 'What happened on New Year's Eve are despicable criminal acts that demand decisive answers,'  Merkel said after a meeting among the top ranks of her Christian Democratic Union.  EPA/TOBIAS HASE

Bloomberg Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks said Germany’s decision to admit more than 1.1 million refugees within the last year is likely to strain the government’s target to cut greenhouse gas pollution. The minister in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet who also oversees housing asked for 3.9 billion euros ($4.4 billion) in ...

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