Friday , November 15 2019

Mexican president warns others may quit after Urzua


Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, under pressure after the resignation of his finance minister, warned other officials may quit his government as part of the deep policy changes he is leading.
“In a democratic government there are always differences and disagreements,” Lopez Obrador said at his daily press conference.
“You have to get used to the changes and there could even be other resignations.”
AMLO, as the Mexican leader is known, said the resignation of Carlos Urzua stems from disagreements over the country’s national development plan.
Urzua also disagreed about the management of Mexico’s state-owned banks, the president said, adding that the former finance minister had clashed with his Chief of Staff Alfonso Romo and with the head of Mexico’s tax collection agency.
“This is a government of free men and women. Suddenly someone can say ‘I don’t agree with the government’s path’,” AMLO said, adding that no other resignation has been presented to him so far.
“What I want to make clear is that the way of doing politics won’t change at all.”

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