Thursday , December 13 2018

Masked youths burn 80 cars in southern Sweden overnight


More than 80 cars were set ablaze in cities across southwestern Sweden overnight as groups of masked youths threw stones and started fires in what may have been a coordinated action.
In the Frolunda neighbourhood of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city, 31 cars burned and 35 were damaged as a group of 6-8 masked youths threw stones and started fires, according to the police’s website. A further 15 cars were burned by in the northeastern parts of Gothenburg while car fires were also reported in Trollhattan and Helsingborg.
“As a majority of the fires started within a short time period, it can’t be ruled out that there is a connection,” the police said. It’s now interviewing witnesses and looking at surveillance tapes.
In an interview with Swedish Radio, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven turned directly to the youths who set the cars ablaze.

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