Thursday , June 27 2019

Maduro vows ‘deep’ change in Venezuela


Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro vowed a major shake-up in his government, a sign he is feeling pressure from US sanctions and an international outcry for him to resign.
“I will in the coming hours announce new government methods and a profound change in the entire government of Venezuela,” Maduro said in a speech at a political rally broadcast on state television. “We need to renew ourselves, refresh, improve, change.”
As part of that renewal, he said a new team is needed to tackle the country’s dire social problems after asking for the resignations of his cabinet members. Maduro himself faces pressure to step down amid one of the worst economic crises in the country’s history.
Earlier this month, a series of power outages lasting days halted water service, stalled refineries, shut down transportation and sparked violence and looting.
Maduro also called on supporters to mobilise and arm themselves in defense of his socialist government.

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