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Liwan Ramadan Majlis in Dubai to offer elegant cuisine

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A special Liwan Ramadan Majlis in Dubai is setting new standards in luxury and opulence during the Holy Month of Ramadan, making it not only a blessed experience but also offering an exclusive feel with its unique mix of attractions.
The Liwan Ramadan Majlis in Jumeirah, Dubai will be truly a one-of-its-kind Ramadan Majlis, unravelling a mix of elegantly-decorated luxury ambience – a contemporary-but-exclusive retreat, lavish buffet and entertainment and a special feel to every guest. The Ramadan Majlis is a dream project by Emirati entrepreneur Mohammed Al Hakim, board member and advisor to the CEO club in Dubai, who found himself captivated with eclectic Ramadan scene and envisioned a unique venture – setting up a Ramadan Majlis which offers unmatched luxury elements and a Ramadan experience like no other.
Mohammed Al Hakim said: “The Liwan Ramadan Majlis has been planned to make this year’s Ramadan experience like no other – bringing together the best of Arabian hospitality, culinary grandeur and tradition. Ramadan is the time to celebrate and festivities and the ambience, food and entertainment will make everyone feel special.
“We saw it as a big opportunity, our concept is going to be entirely unique; providing an unforgettable experience to our guests this year,” he added.
Every aspect of the Majlis has been intricately planned to offer that unique luxury befitting the Ramadan theme. The food, during Iftar and Suhoor, will be the highlight, prepared by a team of world-class chefs making it an exquisite and grand affair with traditional delicacies. Featuring private enclosures, areas and settings for Royals, VIPs and special guests, the Ramadan Majlis can accommodate nearly 500 guests at any given point of time!
The Liwan Ramadan Majlis also offers insights into the deep-rooted Arabian culture, be it the traditional ‘Sababin Al Shay’, ‘Logemat’, ‘3irk El Sous’ etc. and soak in the sounds of folk music, or enjoy the Arabian oud and tambourine musicians or renditions from the legends of Arab music, including ‘Kawkab El Sharq Umm Kulthum’ and ‘Fairuz’, besides live cooking stations, ornately decorated interiors and settings, coupled with dedicated prayer rooms.

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