Monday , February 17 2020

Kim guides test fire of new rocket launcher


North Korea’s Kim Jong-un guided a test fire of a newly developed super-large multiple rocket launcher, setting the stage for one of the busiest weekends for missile firings since talks began with US President Donald Trump more than a year ago.
The test firing comes after South Korea’s Defense Ministry said the same day North Korea launched two ballistic missiles, which Japan’s Coast Guard said had landed outside the country’s exclusive economic zone.
“The test-fire proved that all the tactical and technological specifications of the system correctly reached the preset indexes,” state news agency KCNA said, without specifying if that’s similar to the launches reported by South Korean and Japanese officials.
The missiles were launched from south Hamgyong in North Korea, the ministry said. The KCNA report didn’t say where the launcher was located. Kim’s regime has conducted a series of short-range ballistic missile tests in recent weeks as he seeks a more favorable negotiating framework in nuclear talks with Trump.

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