Friday , November 15 2019

Hong Kong broadcaster accused of pro-Beijing bias in protests coverage


Television Broadcasts (TVB) Ltd, Hong Kong’s dominant broadcaster, has come under attack on social media for its alleged pro-Beijing bias in the coverage of recent political protests in
the city, with campaigners urging companies to pull their commercials.
Organisers of the drive have managed to score at least one win. Sports drink brand Pocari Sweat, owned by Japanese health care company Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co, said it has withdrawn its advertisement from the channel, making it an instant favorite of protesters.
A spokesman for Otsuka said a “periodic review of the advertising budget” and an assessment of the “sales impacts from use of different media outlets” weighed on its decision to pull commercials from TVB.
“Due to the recent economic situation and political incidents, a small number of advertisers have to defer their campaigns or reschedule their booking,” a TVB spokesman said in an email.
“This has no significant effect on our business,” he wrote, adding that the broadcaster has “always maintained neutrality, professionalism and objectivity in its news coverage.”
TVB’s shares fell 0.9 percent on Wednesday in Hong Kong. The stock has declined 45 percent in the past year compared with a 1.7 percent slide in the benchmark Hang Seng Index.

Unprecedented Wave
The campaign against TVB is the latest episode in an unprecedented wave of unrest in the city, as hundreds of thousands hit the streets in the past month demanding protection for personal freedoms in the former British colony now in the shadow of Communist China. The protests, triggered by a proposed bill that would for the first time allow extraditions to the mainland, have turned violent at times — including last week’s ransacking of the legislature.

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