Tuesday , December 10 2019

Egypt’s ousted president Mohamed Mursi dies


Egypt’s former president Mohamed Mursi died. He was 67. He fainted while attending a cou-rt hearing and later passed away.
A former opposition lawmaker, Mursi was elected to the country’s top office in June 2012, less than 18 months after joining a jail break amid the chaos of a mass uprising that swept away the three-decade rule of Hosni Mubarak.
While he sought to project himself as the “voice for all Egyptians,” that aspiration was divorced from the reality of his Islamist credentials. He spent much of his year-long presidency unable to emerge from the shadow of top Brotherhood officials, who were viewed as the nation’s real power brokers.
His rule became synonymous with a dangerous polarisation as violent protests pit his backers against secularists and you-th activists who played key role in the 2011 Arab Spring revolt.

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