Saturday , August 18 2018

Drone’s close encounter with jet spurs call to tighten regulations


A video from a drone that flew within feet of an airliner over Las Vegas and prompted outrage on the internet has spurred three influential US aviation lobbies to call for tighter regulations on hobby drones.
Legislation exempting certain hobbyist drone pilots from oversight by the Federal Aviation Administration has hampered the aviation agency’s ability to oversee safety of drones, according to a letter sent to lawmakers.
The letter was from Airlines for America, a trade group representing large carriers, and the Air Line Pilots Association and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, the unions that represent pilots and controllers.
“We strongly urge you to remove legislative restrictions that have been placed on the FAA that limit its safety oversight of UAS,” the letter said, referring to drones as unmanned aircraft systems. “The likelihood that a drone will collide with an airline aircraft is increasing. By providing the FAA with the full authority to regulate all UAS operations, the safety of passenger and cargo flights will be protected.”
The letter is part of larger tensions within the civilian drone world as companies including Inc and Alphabet Inc. seek tighter controls to ensure orderly skies for delivery flights, while people who view them as high-end toys try to preserve their freedom to fly.
It also comes as safety incidents reported by pilots continue to rise.
The FAA is investigating the Las Vegas incident, in which a drone with a camera apparently films an airliner flying directly beneath it at close range, according to an agency statement. The video was posted February 1 by the sUASNews website, but the date it was taken isn’t clear.
An FAA-sponsored study released in November found that drones weighing just a few pounds could cause significant damage to airliner engines, windshields or wings.

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