Wednesday , December 12 2018

‘Democrats’ get dragged into Paul Manafort trial


Several prominent Democrats who once worked with Paul Manafort have been dragged into court filings ahead of his fraud trial, most prominently Tad Devine, the 63-year-old political consultant who ran Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.
The names appear on a list filed by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller of documents he could show to the jury that will be selected next week in Alexandria, Virginia. Among the hundreds of exhibits are emails and memos between Manafort and several go-to political and advertising strategists of the Democratic Party for two decades.
That raises the prospect that Manafort’s trial could churn up insights about the international work of US consultants across the political spectrum. Years before he became Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, Manafort hired the operatives to go to Ukraine on parliamentary and presidential campaigns for former president Viktor Yanukovych, according to the exhibit list, interviews.

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