Monday , August 26 2019

Congo leader pledges to join US war against IS


The Democratic Republic of Congo will join the global fight against IS, which President Felix Tshisekedi said poses a threat to his country.
Tshisekedi stressed links
between the extremist group and the Allied Democratic Forces, a shadowy militia that has operated in Congo since
the 1990s, during a visit to Washington.
Little is known about the ADF and analysts including Eleanor Beevor, a researcher at the International Institute for
Strategic Studies, question the depth of ties between the two organisations.
The ADF has “allowed the infiltration” of members of IS who have called for the creation of a caliphate in central Africa, Tshisekedi told reporters after meeting with US officials.
His comments were followed by a joint statement April 12 from the US Embassy and Tshisekedi’s office, saying Congo will “join the international coalition against the IS.”
The ADF, which was founded in neighbouring Uganda, is among the most active of more than 100 militias operating in eastern Congo.

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