Thursday , December 13 2018


US likely to shelve new Russia sanctions as clock runs out

Bloomberg Congress isn’t expected to pass legislation ordering new US sanctions on Russia before the end of the year, as lawmakers focus instead on government spending measures, judicial nominations and a farm bill, key senators said. A bipartisan group of senators moved swiftly over the summer to assemble new proposals ...

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UN lifts decade-old sanctions on Eritrea

Bloomberg The United Nations lifted almost decade-old sanctions on Eritrea, potentially boosting the once-isolated Red Sea nation’s economy as it rebuilds relations with long-time foe Ethiopia. The UN Security Council’s move ends restrictions first imposed in 2009 on accusations Eritrea backed armed groups including al-Shabaab in Somalia. Eritrea has long ...

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N Korea missile bases outed in report undermines Trump

Bloomberg Thirteen undeclared North Korean missile operating bases were identified in a new report, undermining the Trump administration’s claims that its outreach to Pyongyang is making progress in getting Kim Jong-un’s regime to give up its nuclear weapons programme. The 13 sites are among an estimated 20 bases, small and ...

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