Friday , February 22 2019


Foreign journalists in China face harassment

Bloomberg Increased surveillance and government interference with reporting amid a crackdown on Xinjiang’s Muslims fueled a “significant deterioration” in the work environment for correspondents in China last year, the country’s foreign journalists’ organisation said. Reporting grew much harder in the far western region, where the detention and “re-education” of up ...

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NATO dashes to expand in Balkans after North Macedonia name deal

Bloomberg NATO approved the accession protocol for soon-to-be renamed North Macedonia, weeks after the former Yugoslav republic and Greece settled a decades-long dispute that hindered its membership. At the center of a tug-of-war for influence between Russia and the West, the Balkan state cleared its biggest hurdle to joining the ...

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Bolton hints Trump may send troops to Maduro’s neighbour

Bloomberg Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro may wonder whether President Donald Trump is trying to rattle him. On Monday, White House National Security Adviser John Bolton entered a press briefing on new Venezuela sanctions with a yellow legal pad, accidentally — or not —turned to face gathered reporters and photographers. On ...

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Pentagon is falling behind in cybersecurity

Bloomberg The US military’s cybersecurity capabilities aren’t advancing fast enough to stay ahead of the “onslaught of multipronged” attacks envisioned by adversaries, the Pentagon’s combat testing office is warning. Despite some progress in fending off attacks staged by in-house “Red Teams,” the testing office said “we estimate that the rate ...

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Civilians trapped as Cameroon army battles separatists

Bloomberg Cyprain fled his home when separatist fighters in Cameroon’s Northwest region threatened to kill him after he served government soldiers. He’s one of a growing number of civilians trapped between the army and roaming gangs of English-speaking insurgents fighting to break away from the majority-Francophone nation. The conflict has ...

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