Monday , December 16 2019


Johnson’s big win threatens to disunite the kingdom

Bloomberg Boris Johnson’s sweeping election victory is a very English revolution. The prime minister trounced his biggest opponent by luring traditional Labour Party voting heartlands in northern England to his Conservatives for the first time in generations, in some cases ever. Voters clearly rejected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s throwback socialist ...

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Malaysia’s Mahathir shows no sign of handover of power, choice of successor

Bloomberg Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said he’ll step down only after resolving problems inherited by the previous administration, raising questions about a handover in power that’s expected to take place before mid-2020. The 94-year-old leader didn’t give a definitive time frame on when he’ll step down or whom his ...

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North Korea conducts ‘crucial test’ to boost its nuclear deterrent

Bloomberg North Korea said it successfully conducted a “crucial” test at a long-range projectile launch site and had boosted its nuclear-deterrent capabilities. It didn’t provide any details about the exercise. The news follows a North Korean announcement last week that it held a “very important test,” without elaborating. South Korea’s ...

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India’s parliament approves anti-Muslim citizenship bill

Bloomberg India’s Parliament approved a controversial bill that prevents illegal Muslim migrants from neighboring countries from receiving citizenship after hours of heated debate among lawmakers and protests in some parts of the country. The bill, which offers amnesty to non-Muslim illegal migrants from three neighboring countries, was approved in the ...

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Women turn to guerrilla tactics to bring equality into British vote

Bloomberg A century after the UK saw its first female member of Parliament, one political party is adopting non-traditional “guerrilla tactics” in its attempts to advance the debate over gender in British politics. The Women’s Equality Party is embracing its position as a non-partisan “political startup” of 35,000 members ahead ...

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