Thursday , July 19 2018


Despite advances, democracy in Africa hobbled by ‘rigging’

  Marie WOLFROM In Africa, military coups and election violence are becoming rarer but poll rigging and manipulation remain rife, hobbling the continent’s democratic progress, experts say. “We have this paradox where the number of elections is increasing but their quality is decreasing,” said Nic Cheeseman, an associate professor of ...

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India’s epic tax reform shows democracy isn’t dead

  Can messy, polarized democracies ever get anything done? Could real reformist laws ever be passed by legislatures obsessed with partisan point-scoring? Across the liberal-democratic world, it seems that obstructing legislation by any means necessary is now part of politics as usual. Partisan gamesmanship, increasingly, looks like a genuine threat ...

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Brexit killed Britain’s new and improved vibe

  The UK’s enormous soft power, painstakingly built in the post-imperial era, looks weakened following Brexit. In fact, negotiating acceptable divorce terms or preventing an economic decline may prove much easier than restoring British influence. Some early indications of how Brexit has damaged the UK’s international perception can be found ...

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