Wednesday , December 12 2018

Alberta pipeline disrupted as fire season begins


Wildfire season in Alberta began with a blaze that cut power to a key pipeline in the oil sands, causing heavy crude prices to surge.
Inter Pipeline Ltd. is in the process of restoring service to parts of its Polaris Pipeline system after power was cut to the line’s Lamont Station, the company said. The line, which carried 194,000 barrels a day last year, supplies light oil from the Edmonton area to the Athabasca and Cold Lake areas of Alberta, where it’s used to diluted bitumen so that the heavy crude can flow freely through pipelines to refineries.
Following the disruption, heavy Western Canadian Select’s discount to West Texas Intermediate crude shrank $1.75 to $13.50 a barrel, the narrowest since October. The discount for Edmonton C5 condensate, a common form of diluent, widened 30 cents to $1.70 a barrel, the widest since January.

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